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The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Man Who Invented Christmas
Les Standiford
Nonfiction; biography; holiday
226 pages
As uplifting as the tale of Scrooge itself, this is the story of how one writer and one book revived the signal holiday of the Western world.
Just before Christmas in 1843, a debt-ridden and dispirited Charles Dickens wrote a small book he hoped would keep his creditors at bay. His publisher turned it down, so Dickens used what little money he had to put out A Christmas Carol himself. He worried it might be the end of his career as a novelist.
The book immediately caused a sensation. And it breathed new life into a holiday that had fallen into disfavor, undermined by lingering Puritanism and the cold modernity of the Industrial Revolution. It was a harsh and dreary age, in desperate need of spiritual renewal, ready to embrace a book that ended with blessings for one and all.
With warmth, wit, and an infusion of Christmas cheer, Les Standiford whisks us back to Victorian England, its most beloved storyteller, and the birth of the Christmas we know best. The Man Who Invented Christmas is a rich and satisfying read for Scrooges and sentimentalists alike.

Wow, this was such an interesting look at a wonderful author's life. Charles Dickens didn't create Christmas, but he did reinvent it, as Standiford stated. Every year my family read A Christmas Carol, and now every year, I read it before Christmas. I have always loved the story, but now I know the meaning behind the words. Reading such a wonderful biography of Dickens has made me want to read more biographies of famous authors. I am open to any suggestions that my fellow LJers would love to offer. In all, if you are a fan of Christmas, Charles Dickens, and great biographies, then I highly recommend this book!

Books read this year: 47/50.

The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

Title: The Christmas List
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Rating: 5/5
Pages: 349 pgs

GREAT BOOK! I loved the message behind this. It's the modern tale of The Christmas Carol. Very touching and really makes you think about your actions and how they affect others. I think this one is my favourite book by Evans and I highly recommend it!

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Dune Road by Jane Green

Title: Dune Road
Author: Jane Green
Rating: 4/5
Book: 34/50 (68% completed)
Pages: 341 pgs
Total Pages 11,933/15,000 (79.55% completed)
Next up: The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner

This book would make a great beach read. It's light and fluffy. A lacking a bit in plot. It felt very Desparate Housewivesish to me at times. While I prefer Green's older works, this one is still worth a read.

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